Here's what past clients had to say about helen


"My experience with Helen Crowley was a very positive one, and one I’m happy to recommend to anyone. I was working with Helen to help find mechanism to help me relax, and de-stress from the strains of work. I found her approach to be an excellent balance of friendly pragmatism and professionalism. Helen asked me a series of questions to get a picture of my needs and after some discussion we came up with a personalised plan, involving some direct work with Helen, and indirect work which I found particularly interesting and useful. It was apparent that there was no cookie – cutter approach with one program for all. Feedback was constant and ongoing throughout the program and Helen made adjustment to my needs rather than sticking dogmatically to some pre written approach. During the hypnosis session Helen worked hard to relax me (not easy for me!) and provide a safe environment to work. I enjoyed working with Helen and would strongly recommend her services."

- G Cooper (February 2019)


"Helen has the calmest and most relaxing voice I have ever heard! I have a stressful job and our relaxation sessions were so helpful. Her manner is both professional and friendly, and her techniques really work. I cannot recommend her highly enough. My experience of hypnotherapy with Helen was great. I felt relaxed and safe in the hands of a true professional."

- Julia C (December 2018)


"I had a half hour relaxation session with Helen. I found her to be professional, welcoming, and soon made me feel at my ease. The experience itself left me feeling very relaxed and the everyday stresses vanished. I would recommend her and this experience."

- K Bevan (November 2018)