overcome past traumas

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Post Traumatic Stress disorder. This is a condition that takes a traumatic event & plays it on loop in a trauma survivors mind. re-experiencing the event continuously, releasing the same chemical rush as they received during the event.  It is these chemicals which when fired through the body create the feelings associated to a panic attack. Heart racing, sweaty, dry mouth. When we are in the fight/ flight mode, our body sends out signals to release chemicals to send all power to our outer limbs to either run or fight., so the digestive system shuts down, which can be the cause of IBS, nausea, cramping. It can explain thoughts being foggy, not being able to think clearly, salivation stops, hence the dry mouth. Eyes will dilate, Skin will pallor as the blood surges to the muscles. the blood drains from the 'thinking/rational ' part of the brain to the 'reptilian /primitive' part of the brain. The reptilian brains primary function is to keep us safe,  Unfortunately, this part of our brain doesn't know the difference between reality & fiction so is irrational, quick tempered.. Ever had that moment where you have calmed down from a row & thought "Why did I say/do that?" This is where a smoker/ drinker/food or drug addict will reach for their vice because the brain cells that are wired between the reaction & the vice will fire off as a pre-set action, in the same way when you hear your name called, you will automatically turn your head to who called you.

There are many different approaches that are available to alleviate the symptoms of PTSd. Clinical studies using EMDR as an example, with military personnel returned from war torn areas with symptoms of PTSd have shown a high level of success. That is the benefit of having so many variations & tools to use & it is the importance of a detailed history. This enables a therapy session to be tailored to the clients needs & not a 'one size fits all approach'. Instead, teaching you a tried & tested tool box of strategies to help you manage your issues & live your life.

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