Helen Crowley D.Hyp. C.H

Hello, my name is Helen Crowley, my journey into Hypnosis began at the age of fourteen when I was taught self-hypnosis.  Over the years I have personally dipped into self-hypnosis & meditation to give me strength in difficult situations. 

Hypnotherapy has been my salvation. Having this ability has kept me strong & positive in challenging times, always giving me the chance to bounce back from whatever life is throwing at me.. My life experiences and those of others I have known, made me decide to take myself on a new journey. One which would equip me to help other people using this amazing resource.

As well as a lifetime of practise (both on myself and others), I am a highly trained, registered hypnotherapist. Having engaged in one of the highest levels of training available in the UK with HypnoTC: The Hypnotherapy Training Company, I am confident and competent when working with any issues or goals that my clients would like help with. I chose this course because it offered the highest level of training I could find, I figured if I was going to help other people, I wanted to know I had the right tools. I got them, and more, and now I am here to share my knowledge and experience to help show you how to live the life you want. 


Unlike many less well trained hypnotherapists, I am not just reading 'hypnosis scripts' at you from a text book, - although I do have a vast array of textbooks in my collection - a session with me is bespoke and tailored exactly to meet your goals and needs. I have lived through many of the experiences that life can throw at us, and so I mix the learnings gained from my life experiences with my extensive hypnotherapy knowledge and expertise. I know what works, what is effective and what will get you to your goal.

Like me, you can take control of your life; learn how to dispel symptoms of depression, anxiety, phobia’s, pain, weight issues, etc. You can be more confident, pass your exams, and succeed. It’s never too late to learn new behaviours, to learn how to be the author of your own book.


It's time to start writing a new chapter in your book... and by now, you can probably already imagine how good you will feel after our first session. 

  • Hypnotherapy Diploma (HypnoTC)

  • International Hypnotherapy Certificate (NGH)