work on your sleep hygiene

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Obtaining healthy sleep is important for both physical and mental health. It can also improve productivity and overall quality of life. Everyone, from children to older adults can benefit from practicing good sleep habits.

How you can improve your sleep hygiene: Sleep is an essential part of feeling well and feeling happy, but almost everyone experiences problems sleeping at some time of their life.

Sleep disruption is common, especially during times when you may feel emotionally overwhelmed. Anxiety, relentless replaying of the day's events, and heightened emotions may significantly interfere with your sleep. Lack of sleep robs you of needed rest, making management of your illness more difficult.


Bringing sleep patterns under control is important - you need your rest.  However, it often takes some time to get problematic sleep under control and rarely can this be done overnight!


The most common cause of insomnia is a change in your daily routine or stress. For example travelling, exams, work stress, change in work hours, disruption caused by eating, exercise, or leisure, relationship conflicts, etc. may all cause problems.


Paying attention to good sleep hygiene is the most important thing you can do to maintain good sleep.

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